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Parental Involvement


Scallywags next AGM committee meeting will be held on Monday 8th October 2018, 9am at the Playgroup.

Parents are the first educators of their young children. The aim of the playgroup is to support parents in their essential role.

Download the Parents' Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) here. EYFS_Parents_Guide09_12.doc (3.9MB)


In order to achieve this we will:


  • Involve parents in shared record keeping about their own child, both formally and informally, ensuring that parents have access to all written records on their own children.
  • Ensure that parents are given information on a regular basis about their child's progress and have an opportunity to discuss it with staff.
  • Ensure that all parents have opportunities to contribute their own skills, knowledge and
    interests to the activities of the group
  • Encourage parents to become involved on our parent helper rota.
  • Ensure that all new parents are aware of and can contribute to the groupā€˜s systems and policies.
  • Encourage parents on an individual basis to play an active part in the management of the group, as part of our management committee.
  • Ensure that all parents are fully informed about meetings, conferences, workshops and training.
  • Consult with families about the times of meetings to avoid excluding anyone.
  • Hold meetings in venues that are accessible and appropriate for all.
  • Welcome the contributions of parents, whatever form these may take.
  • Make known to all parents the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the nursery curriculum and about young children's learning, in nursery and at home.


A parent/carer's role in the playgroup is extremely important. The playgroup is a member of the Pre-school learning alliance and has adopted their constitution and therefore run by a "Committee" who are parent/carers of the children attending the playgroup. You are very welcome to join the committee, as this is your opportunity to see how your playgroup is run. If you do not wish to join the committee there are numerous ways in which you could help the group:

  • Taking turns on rota (helping set out activities, snacks, supervising children, tidying up.
  • Helping at fund raising activities (thus providing further play equipment, staff and parent training etc).
  • New parents may provide new ideas which help the playgroup develop.
  • Parents can have fun too.!
  • Parents sharing knowledge with staff about their children is valuable in meeting the needs of the children.
  • Parents can encourage and praise work children do in the playgroup. This builds up self-esteem and confidence. Even if the end product is just a blob on a piece of paper, it is their idea, their creation.
  • We realize that parents need a break from the constant demands of children, we are all parents too, therefore, feel comfortable about how much time you can offer to the playgroup even though your help is invaluable.


Enjoy Your Child:


  • You do not have to tell them what to do. Watch them and you will learn from them what the possibilities are.
  • If you find yourself with no specific task to do, find a vacant chair at one of the
    activities, sit down with the children and join their play. If they are using paint or
    glue they do not need adult instructions about what to make, but they might like to talk
    to you while they pursue their own line of play. They might also be glad of help at the
    end to put their name on the finished work and perhaps to put on/take off their apron.
  • One place an adult is always valuable is in the book corner. Children will almost
    certainly bring you books to read once you are there, or you may prefer to tell a simple
    story of your own. If you can make the story more vivid by using puppets or songs and
    rhymes, you will be endlessly popular.
  • Once in the playroom, you have left your usual daytime occupations behind. Make the
    most of it and enjoy the chance to learn about your own child by watching him/her
    among a number of other children. Enjoy being a different person for once, doing
    something quite new. Enjoy the opportunity to learn something different about young
    children's play and how pre-school provides it.
  • If you get really interested, become a regular helper or share the work of the playgroup committee. Parents may provide new ideas which help the playgroup develop.


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