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Collection Of Children


  • Your child will not be allowed to go with anyone other than the parent/carer who brings them in the morning, unless otherwise informed and a name and description given to a member of staff.
  • If the person is not known to the member of staff or if the staff are not sure of that person then your child will be asked to identify the person collecting them. If your child does not identify them, then further identification will be asked for (eg: a letter from a parent, photograph of the child or some other means of formal identification).
  • If we have not been informed, access will be denied until you have been contacted to confirm.
    Where circumstances have not been allowed for you to notify us beforehand, please telephone us.
  • If the person brining your child does not bring the child very often and is not known by the staff very well, please make yourself known. Once the staff are sure of identification of the person collecting the child, then identification will no longer be required.

Uncollected Children:

If a child has not been collected 15 minutes after the end of the session, staff will attempt to contact all emergency contact names from the child's registration details.
Two members of staff, that have undertaken a ‘fit' person clearance, will remain with the child.
If after a period of half an hour, all attempts have been unsuccessful, the local Police and First Response will be informed.
Cannock Police — 0300 1234455
First Response — 0800 1313126

Advice will be sought from both the police and social services regarding the next route of action.
Additional fees will be charged for all children who are not collected at the correct time at the discretion of the playgroup manager.

£5.00 per each 15 minutes after the end of session.



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