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Aims & Objectives


The aims and objectives of the playgroup are:


  • To develop concentration and listening skills.
  • To encourage creativity and imagination.
  • To express feelings.
  • To develop a sense of achievement and confidence.
  • To enable the child to interact with other children and adults.
  • To become aware of the needs of others.
  • To develop hand eye co-ordination, manipulative skills.
  • To encourage independence and responsibility.
  • To provide communication skills.
  • To provide a safe environment.
  • To have FUN...!

The playgroup hopes to achieve these aims by providing a safe, happy environment with sufficient resources available for development in all areas: Physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language.
Scallywags believe that every child is entitled to a safe and happy environment. All adults associated with this unit are committed to this statement. Anyone using Scallywags will also accept these principles and should anyone have any concerns, the advice of professional agencies will be sought.

Equal opportunities for children and adults are considered important and as such will be an accepted part of running the playgroup.

All of the groups policies are available for inspection.


Scallywags Useful Links:

Both Cbeebies & are fun & full of useful information for all children.


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